Posta in arrivo

da: Roger Pedret Pijoan

a: Davide Gabusi

a: Sergi, Cristian, Wolfgang

it’s for me a pleasure to know that your sport is going to be practice during the next WSG 2019 in Tortosa.Dear friends,

This mail is for introduce my mates who are going to manage everything related with sports organization and sports technicians. This are Mr. Cristian Ventura (Department of Sports from Generalitat de Catalunya) and Mr. Sergi Teruel (UCEC- host union). So please let they know the needs of your sport, due to prepare the best location for each one.

They are in copy in this mail, so you can get their emails.

Please put me in copy in every mail that you exchange with them.

Best regards,

Roger Pedret
General Manager Tortosa World Sports Games 2019


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